Painting vs. Social media

Painting vs. Social media

Social networks have become a big part of our daily lives. Maybe even you spend a few hours a day scrolling. Alternatively, you might know someone whose finger is scrolling through the news in the online space even when they’re asleep. Digital media can be a good servant, but not when it’s used excessively. It is probably not a good sign if someone starts using it to kill every spare moment and the whole thing gradually starts interfering with their creativity.

Negative effects of social media 

Interestingly, the average person reaches for the phone about 52 times a day. Whenever a notification about a new message appears on your display, or you find an interesting post, your brain releases a small amount of dopamine. It is also known as the happy hormone, because the brain produces it during activities that evoke joy. But there are endless cons to this! Loss of eyesight, stress on the brain, loss of creative capacity of one’s imagination by soaking in repetitive content!

Painting vs. Social media


Painting - an alternative to Social Media 

Well, painting is a form of art and art too is known to release dopamine! You can definitely replace the endless social media scrolling with an art form. What are the cons of this? None! You pour into your creative part of the brain, boosting your imagination. You can apply these creative skills to many parts of your day to day life!


Anxiety from social media is cured by painting 

The habit of endless scrolling can cause unpleasant feelings, for example, when you do not have your smartphone in your hands. When you try to put it away, the urge to reach for it can occur several times during the first hour. On average, people reach for their phones up to 52 times a day. After 12 hours without a phone, you may feel anxious as the stress hormone cortisol begins to be excessively released in your body.


On the other hand, art therapy has been used as a positive stress reliever for years. Nowadays, its benefits are becoming more and more well-known, making art a common choice as an alternative way to help deal with stress and other mental health conditions. Art plays a different role in every person’s life in an intricate way, allowing many people to process emotions and reduce stress as they are creating art. Therefore, art therapy is one of the best natural ways to help combat stress in your everyday life. And it’s fun!


What if you do not know how to paint?

As adults, we do not get enough time to learn a new skill, or take classes to develop a hobby. But that does not mean that when we see a beautiful painting, we do not secretly wish to be able to paint that way. Painting, coloring, and color matching – all are forms of expression. And for adults who could not learn to paint as a kid, paint-by-numbers comes handy

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