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Painting as a hobby: How to get started ?

Are you planning to take up painting as a hobby? And are you confused about how to kick start? 

Painting is the most common form of art, and one of the most famous forms of art therapy. Art therapy is an excellent rescue for people who find it very difficult to express their feelings verbally. A simple art and crafts activity – like a paint by numbers – will lighten one’s mood and unfurl positive feelings. Painting is highly stress-relieving, one of the easiest ways to unwind and create tangible beauty simultaneously! 

What you need to do to start painting as a hobby is to start small, start simple and find your inspirations! It is implied that you need brushes, canvas, and………………… PAINT! But let us delve a little deeper into the details. Here are some suggestions to guide you:

Don’t strive to be perfect

Yes, you read that right. You need not be harsh on yourself when you start painting as a hobby. You are allowed to make mistakes, you are welcome to experiment and learn! Art is all about evolving into one’s better version day after day. Do not give in to performance pressure, you are still learning!

Find your inspiration before you sit to paint

You’ll begin to realize what sorts of things you may want to focus your efforts on to improve the quality of your paintings. Just take it as it comes to you. Once you identify something you need to work on try to take some time to focus on just that element.


Keep it simple! You will paint like Picasso one day.

When you start painting as a hobby, the first approach you should take is to start small. Keep it simple. Starting small will help conserve costs and build confidence with quick wins!

When I started, I bought a small starter paint-by-numbers kit from Paint-by-numbers can be a really good way to flag off your journey as a painter. 

Keep your mind open for ideas, and do not forget to jot these ideas down!

While you are painting you might realize a thought coming to you – something like “maybe a little pinker here will give it depth” or “this did not turn out to be bright, but maybe green will compliment this shade a lot”. Pay attention to those thoughts or challenges and then work on just that particular element. Another aspect of keeping an open mind is paying attention to what captures your thoughts. Writing these thoughts down will be of help.

Make friends with people who are interested in art.

Hey, what is better than a friend who can give you insights and fuel your creativity? be sure to make friends with other artists. This goes with any goal or ambition. It is important to surround yourself with like-minded people and those who have the expertise you seek to acquire. By connecting with other artists you will learn a lot from their experiences. In today’s socially interconnected world you probably know a few already.

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