A guide on how to paint by numbers

A guide on how to paint by numbers

If you have got a Paint By Numbers kit for yourself and are unsure of how to go about it, do not worry! Follow this guide for a hassle-free, fun experience with your paint by numbers kit.

Paint by Numbers is an easy-to-do piece of artwork for adults and children alike. To cater to your artistic needs, we have 3 different types of kits-

1.) The ‘Rolled’ Kit - You get a painting with numbers printed on a linen canvas, brushes, paints, and a color guide

2.) The ‘DIY’ kit - In addition to all the contents in the previous kit, you get a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) frame for your canvas which you can assemble once you are done with your painting. The frame will be a cherry on top of your beautiful piece of art!

3.) The ‘Framed’ kit - You will get an already framed canvas in this kit. No fuss, you only got painting to do! All you have to do is to grab the brushes!

Our kits come with curated acrylic paints and brushes along with the canvas. This way, you get exact matches of every paint color specified in the design.

A few important tips to keep in mind

paint by numbers
  1. Make sure you have all the materials you need. Choose a well-lit area to sit and paint.
  2. You can use a magnifying glass to paint the small sections with precision. 
  3. Always start by painting the canvas's top and moving downwards. This way, drying paint will stay above your hands and there is no risk of smudging.
  4. Begin with painting at the center of any section, and then gradually move outwards. Start with the smaller sections and then move towards the larger ones. 
  5. Paint with patience. Let freshly painted sections dry before you move on to the next sections. This way, you can avoid smudging. 
  6. For sections that require blending two or more colors, make sure to use small amounts of color and then gradually arrive at the desired shade.
  7. Wash your brush properly before beginning to paint with a different color. 
  8. Close the paint pots when not in use. This way, they will last longer. 
  9. You can choose to give your canvas a coat of acrylic sealer after you are done with your painting. This will protect your canvas from getting dirty and any other damage.
  10. Most importantly, stay patient! Take your time, and enjoy the process.

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