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The "Colorful Monkey" is an exciting paint by numbers kit that depicts a monkey's unique expression. The monkey's face is a canvas of vibrant colors that are sure to catch your eye, but it's his expressions that will leave you captivated. His eyes are a deep blue, filled with wisdom and mischief, while his mouth is painted with a subtle smile that hints at a mischievous side. His hand resting on his head depicts a sense of confusion or perhaps contemplation, leaving you to ponder what's going on inside his mind. The black background accentuates the monkey's colorful face, making it the focal point of the painting. This kit captures the essence of this charming creature and will make for an engaging and thought-provoking painting experience. Add this unique piece to your collection or give it as a thoughtful gift to a loved one. Let your imagination soar with the "Colorful Monkey" paint by numbers kit.

Whats included

Numbered linen canvas

Numbered paint pots

Set of 3 brushes

 Color guide

+ BONUS             

Free Tips & Tricks eBook

How it works

1. Pick a color

Match the number on paint pot with the number on canvas

2. Paint

Acrylic based paints have deep, vibrant colors and are easy to use

3. Be amazed

Feeling of accomplishment can not be put into words

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Size & Difficulty

Size: 16''x20''/40x50cm

Difficulty: Easy

Unwind your mind
Recenter your soul

Imagine having a hobby that tunes out negative thinking and allows you to spend peaceful time with yourself. Plus, the process is deeply satisfying and you create something you can be proud of

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You literally just paint by numbers

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  • Happy customers:35941
  • Paintings sold:3941
  • Positive reviews:941