paint by numbers for children

Paint by numbers - how it benefits children

When we think of imparting skills and important life lessons to children, how often do we think of fun-filled activities as a medium for doing that?

There are many benefits of paint-by-numbers activities, like keeping them quiet and entertained for more than ten minutes! But, it does more than just keep your little ones busy. Paint by numbers promotes early development in children. Wondering how?

The seeds of creativity

Not only does paint-by-numbers keep them busy when you need them to be on their best behavior, but they also kindle creativity. Children have some of the best imaginations, especially when it comes to arts and crafts. Hand them a paintbrush and some paint, and their imagination can run wild.

Improved hand movements and stability

Many parents don’t realize how painting by numbers activities can benefit their little one’s hand-eye coordination skills.They become so focused on getting the right color to the matching number, it can feel like they’ve climbed a mountain on their own when they get there.


Better concentration 

Paint-by-numbers will have a child sitting and concentrating for hours. They want to paint the perfect shades and so they are entirely focused. This enables them to tap the potential focus in other tasks at hand as well.

A moment of pride and joy!

Creative kids paint by numbers activities are sure to give them something to feel proud of, but more importantly, something to show off to their friends and family. As a parent, there is no better feeling than seeing your kids happy and proud of something they did.

At, the painting kit even comes with a DIY wooden frame. So, you can keep their artwork on show for all your guests. 

Promotes colour identification and coordination

Counting and color coordinating is something they teach kids in daycare, but you should also work on them with your little ones when they’re at home. Paint-by-numbers can turn out to be very helpful in these terms

It teaches a kid the importance of patience 

In this world that is fastly evolving due to modern technology and as life gets complicated each day, teaching children how to be patient is an important lesson, especially teaching them that waiting is a difficult task for kids.With Paint by Numbers for kids, children are being taught to be patient because they need to do the creative process by themselves step-by-step with no shortcut. In the end, a sense of achievement and a longer span of patience. 

A great way to tackle stress!

Just because they’re young doesn’t mean that they’re excluded from experiencing stress, sadness, and anxiety. One of the most obvious and significant benefits of painting is its anti-stress effect: kids' are able to express themselves and their feelings through a preferred method that does not risk colliding with others or being misinterpreted.

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